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About Us

JLR Construction and Aggregates Inc.

Serving for over 25 years, JLR, a family-owned and operated company, is on the leading edge and innovator in the Ready-mix Concrete and Aggregates industry in Cebu, Philippines.

We maintain modern and computerized plants, enabling us to consistently produce VALUEPLUS + Concrete. We maintain a fleet of equipment to meet the ever-increasing demands of the construction industry. We offer a coordinated pumping service for your specific concrete projects with a wireless remote control system for a faster set-up and efficient placing of concrete.

From as far north as San Remigio and south to Santander and as far west as Balamban, we are committed to establishing long term, valuable business relationships by providing our customers with quality materials at competitive prices.

Our courteous, efficient, well-trained personnel are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and quality products.

We are continually making things better in serving our customer needs.


To be a dominant brand partner for value plus+ aggregates and concrete products and service with integrity.


Stockholders: Financial Discipline + Sustainable Growth

Builders:  Product Excellence + Service with Integrity

: Win+Win Partnership

Management Team: Empowerment + Professional Growth

Team Members: Rewarding Environment + Spiritual Growth

Community: Social Development + Ecological Balance



HONESTY:  We commit to uphold the value of honesty in all our dealings with one another.




INTEGRITY: We commit to abide by policies, guidelines and other rules formulated for and by the company.

PERSEVERANCE: We commit to persevere through all obstacles in order to achieve the client's expectations.


PROACTIVE: We commit to providing quality and competitive products, services, and programs to all our members, customers, and clients.

INITIATIVE: We commit to provide quality and competitive products and services to our clients.

QUALITY WORK - We commit to invest our time, efforts and financial resources to develop the right systems, strategies, structure, and people by "doing it right the first time and at the right time."


TEAMWORK - We commit to promote and uphold solidarity and teamwork as a way of life in our company.

EXTRA MILE - We commit to delight our customers by getting the task done beyond what is expected.

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