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JLR Construction and Aggregates, Inc.

Our vision is to be the most reliable strategic partner to all quality builders in the construction industry. We envision ourselves to be the standard for quality and value in the heavy building materials market.


JLR is committed to providing exceptional service, quality and technical support. We stand behind this commitment through our continuing quality control programs that provide statistical information on the products we produce and deliver. This information is used to help adjust our production processes so that our products will consistently meet or exceed customer specifications. To ensure that we produce quality products, JLR employs a highly trained staff of technical representatives focusing on quality control, quality assurance, research and development, customer service, as well as providing mix designs and submittals to all JLR customers.

JLR prides itself on producing concrete that will consistently meet or exceed customer specifications. Our quality control staff continually monitors the quality levels of all raw materials used to produce our 

ValuePlus+ Concrete.

With the implementation of a quality management system, we ensure compliance with ASTM international standards regular quality control test and product research and development that are continuously performed.

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JLRegner's permanent aggregate processing plants is located in Naga, Cebu, Philippines. The plant performs aggregates reduction and washing operations, employing state-of-the-art machinery.

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